Sunday, 17 August 2014

KERB Ice Cream Adventure

KERB is something constantly on my radar, as they are a daily changing food market located in central, showcasing some of the best street food around. So of course, when I saw a couple of weeks ago that they were having an ice cream market (in addition to their normal fab traders) this was pretty much the best news I'd ever received. Until I turned up last Saturday, ready for some ice cream sandwich lovin, and had apparently turned up a week early.

The disappointment hit hard. But we found Batch Brownies in Camden, which more than made up for it - their brownies are like nothing I've ever tasted.

Anyway, this week was the week. And when we turned up this Saturday, we were suitably greeted with a wide range of stalls offering up their best ice cream treats. I LOVE ICE CREAM, incase you can't tell.

I took Dima along, who is pretty much the best person to take to any food market, as he is easily swayed into buying things that look/smell/are nice and isn't stingy at all (basically I steal all his food therefore calories don't count - best boyfriend ever). So as his palette is much more savoury than mine, we started off with a Bleeker St burger (on the Londoner's recommendation). It was a very good burger, him and Danny were both particularly enamored by the fluffy, incredible brioche bun holding the mountain of blue cheese and perfectly cooked meat together. I seized on this awe by taking big bites =D
Dima rated it as 'fucking amazing', I would say it comes in a very, very close second to Patty & Bun (the best burger of all time).

Next stop was 'Born and Raised' pizza - amazing. The simple toppings of tomato, mozarella and a dash of basil worked perfectly, one of the best pizzas I've had.

Dima picked up some shaved ice with elderflower, surprisingly pretty amazing! Him and Danny then proceeded to recreate it as soon as we got home, so must have been good, and it's virtually 0 calories!

The ice shaver looks pretty dedicated!

All of these are all very good and well, but I came for one thing (mainly).

And that is Batch Bakery's idea of heaven: a salted caramel brownie ice cream sandwich, cookie dough scoop, chocolate fudge sauce and oreo crumbs. 

It did not disappoint.

At all. I could eat this all day everyday for the rest of my life, but Dima and Danny found it 'too much'. Pathetic! >:D

They opted for alcoholic ice cream instead, which was also quite good.

Next port of call was working off our calories by standing in the rather long queue for You Doughnut's doughnut sundae. We were all getting quite full and walking was becoming a bit tougher.

so obviously a doughnut ice cream sundae would sort us out!

This was quite good, but not as good as the other offerings in my opinion. It went unfinished (have to save room for more food - its a cut throat business), just a little bit too sugary.

Are you sick of ice cream yet? Are you reading this thinking, ok they must have tried every single possible stall there?!? 

Dima was easily persuaded by a 'jolly nice' chap to purchase two of his finest scoops - 'bar and nuts' and 'gooseberry and elderflower'. 
(Please ignore my awful nails - biting off my nail varnish is a disgusting habit!)

The bar and nuts flavour was surprisingly amazing, it tasted vaguely similar to rum&raisin mixed with beer. I don't like beer, but this one was guurd.

The ABSOLUTE LAST stop was souvlaki. We were all impressed by the kebabs presentation - growing up around some of the finest kebabs in the world (Cyprus) it is difficult to find a comparable standard in England.

This one looks a lot like Nostos, kebabs we used to scoff down greedily after a night out dancing on (and falling off!) bars at the ripe old age of 15. Shout out to my 15 year old metabolism. This, from the Grilling Greek, was pretty good in my opinion (proper kebab pita is a plus) and the Tzatiki was also not badd but it unfortunately wasn't on the same level as Nostos. I suggest adding chips in there along with some good old taramasalata.

We have finally reached the end of our Kerb Ice Cream Adventure - and what an adventure it was! One of my longest posts, if you finished it without salivating then give yourself a good old pat on the back. My fashion week diet starts today, which means I get to eat none of the deliciousness above for a month or so :(


  1. Is it bad that I want to eat everything on this post?! I've also just seen you on Asos when browsing for some clothes- amazing work!

  2. Everything looks so yummy!!!! It makes me hungry!!!

    Come and visit my blog sometime!!!
    We can keep in touch if you like!!


  3. How have I never heard of this before!? Looks amazing! xx